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We are currently offering 3 services


Full Coaching $119.99

- Open communication

- Daily reviews and check ins

- Individualized and periodized programming

- Video analysis for technique optimization

- Nutrition recommendations

- Powerlifting competition planning including attempt selection, warmups, weight cut, re-feed, and re-hydration.

Custom Programming $79.99

- Includes the same services as "Full Coaching" but communication will happen at the end of every block.

- End of block communication 

- End of block reviews and check ins

Technique Text Line $39.99

- Open communication

- Video analysis for technique optimization


“Full coaching” is recommended if you are the type of lifter who would benefit from daily feedback and desire closer relationship with a coach.


"Custom programming" is recommended if you are a more independent type of lifter who has very good knowledge of RPE and have followed other powerlifting programs in the past.

"Technique text line" is recommended if you enjoy programming yourself or prefer to use template based programs and believe you would benefit from receiving an outside perspective on your technique.

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